Harira Soup 8

Lentiles, tomato & Moroccan spices

Hummus 9

Puree of chick peas, tahini, lemon juice & olive oil

Zaalouk 10

Roasted eggplant with tomato, garlic, arugula & balsamic vinaigrette

Salade Méditerranéen 13

Zaalouk, hummus, chackchouka, tomato & arugula

Salade Verte Organique 8

Organic mixed greens with champagne vinaigrette

Salade De Lentilles 11

Lentil salad with red onion, tomato & avocado

Briouats 11

Moroccan pastry rolls filled with chicken & almond

Confit De Canard 14

Duck confit with beets, cucumber & arugula salad

Kale Date Salad 11

Chopped kale with shallots, walnuts & dates topped with shaved parmesan in lemon vinaigrette Tomate

Montrachet 13

Layers of tomato, goat cheese and pesto with shallot & tomato vinaigrette

Crevettes Méditerranéennes 13

Sautéed shrimp in a garlic sauce


Appetizer 13 | Entree served with french fries 18

Moules Marocaine

Mussels with garlic, cilantro, crushed pepper & tomato

Moules Marinière

Mussels with shallots, fresh herbs & white wine


Skewers served with quinoa tabouleh or french fries

Brochette D’Agneau 15

Lamb marinated in paprika & cumin with honey harissa sauce

Brochette De Poulet 13

Chicken breast marinated in paprika & cumin with a garlic yogurt sauce

Brochette De Crevette 15

Shrimp with fresh tomato & cilantro sauce

Brochette De Merquez 15

Homemade lamb sausage with Moroccan spices

Brochette De Saumon 15

Salmon marinated with paprika, ginger & cardamom


Steak Au Poivre 28

Sirloin steak with peppercorn sauce & french fries

Salade Cobb 17

Diced tomato, chicken breast, avocado, eggs & blue cheese

Salade De Poulet 18

Grilled chicken breast, romaine, tomato, cucumber, feta & red wine vinagrette

Crevettes Au Pistou 24

Grilled shrimp with pesto couscous & coriander harissa sauce

Magret De Canard 25

Duck breast with honey & seasonal vegetables

Saumon Grillé 24

Grilled Atlantic salmon served with seasonal vegetables & mustard sauce

Bronzini Grillé 27

Bronzini fillet grilled in olive oil & preserved lemon sauce with seasonal vegetables

Moroccan Specialties

Tagine De Poulet 21

Tagine of chicken with preserved lemons & green olives

Tagine D’Agneau 24

Tagine of lamb with sesame seeds & prunes

Tagine De Legumes 19

Vegetable stew with Moroccan spices

Tagine De Poisson 25

Tagine of marinated fish with charmoula sauce & seasonal vegetables

Kefta Tagine 24

Lamb meat balls, French green peas & Moroccan spices in a light tomato sauce

Couscous Marocain Traditionnel 25

Traditional Moroccan couscous with choice of chicken or lamb

Couscous Royale 26

Traditional Moroccan couscous with lamb, chicken & merquez

Couscous Au Legumes 19

Traditional Moroccan couscous with seasonal vegetables

Pastilla 22

Brick stuffed with chicken, almonds, cinnamon, coriander & onion


Couscous 6

French Fries 6

Quinoa Tabouleh 7

Asparagus 9

Broccoli Rabe 9

Kale 8

String Beans 7

Raw Carrots & Cucumbers 6

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